Living by the Code & reporting ethical issues

Integrity. Excellence. Teamwork. Commitment. Sustainability.

The words in this Code of Conduct define us. Despite our differences – in geography, culture, language and business – we are one Barloworld, one company united by these common principles and a shared commitment to the highest standards of conduct.

While we conduct our business within the framework of applicable laws and regulations, for us, compliance with the law is not enough. We strive for more than that. Through our Code of Conduct, we envision a work environment all can take pride in, a company others respect and admire, and a world made better by our actions. Together, we are laying the foundation for the values-based culture that will carry us forward to even higher levels of success. Together, we are upholding the reputation of our great company – and strengthening it for tomorrow.

This Code of Conduct applies to the daily activities of employees of Barloworld, its subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide, and members of the board of directors of Barloworld Limited. Each of us is personally responsible to read the Code of Conduct, understand what it means and apply it consistently. Those in our company who lead others hold a special position of responsibility to set the example of what it means to “live by the code”.


If you become aware of a circumstance or action that violates, or appears to violate, the Code of Conduct, Barloworld policy or applicable law, contact your supervisor or local management as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can contact the Barloworld Ethics Line. This is an independent and confidential system by which employees or others can report unethical behaviour that affects the Barloworld group.

South Africa:

  • Free Call: 0800 003248
  • Free Fax: 0800 007 788
  • SMS: 32840

Telephone contacts for outside South Africa are provided in the Barloworld Group Whistle-Blowing policy.

Barloworld will not penalise you as a result of raising an ethical issue in good faith. Also, Barloworld does not tolerate any reprisal by any individual against an employee for raising a concern or making a report in good faith.

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